Severed Soundtrack

Severed is full of action, romance, terror, despair, longing and even death. It has many highs and lows and the soundtrack really reflects the different moods of the book.

Title: Starlight
Artist: Muse

The book kicks off right where Fated ended. Evie & Lucas are fleeing Riverview in the middle of the night. This is the music I imagine playing in the car. It’s also pretty appropriate – ‘I’ll never let you go if you promise not to fade.’

Title: Everlasting Light
Artist: The Black Keys

This one is tongue in cheek, referring to Evie being the white light. I like the vibe of it. I can picture it playing as they arrive at Flic’s apartment.

Title: Digital Versicolour
Artist: Glass Candy

It’s a song about a white light… It must have been written for this book. And the vocalist has a kind of surreal other-worldly voice…which makes me think of Issa.

Title: This love will be your downfall
Artist: Ellie Goulding

It really is going to be their downfall. It’s what everyone thinks. But will it be? I picture this song when I see Evie & Lucas that first night away from Riverview.

Tracey Thorn

Title: A-Z
Artist: Tracey Thorn

A little human kindness, where you gonna find it. I think this song perfectly sums up the situation they find themselves in with no one to turn to. They’re out in the cold.

Title: Demons
Artist: Dry The River

I love this band. I listened to the album over and over when I was writing Shadowed (the third Fated book) and this track really leaped out. I had to include it. I mean, the lyric ‘we fight those demons day in and day out’ is kind of perfect isn’t it?

Title: Human
Artist: Ellie Goulding

This song is juxtaposed next to Demons. I just love the vibe of Ellie Goulding songs. I can imagine this song playing in the club The Tipping Point with hundreds of unhumans dancing to it.

Title: Night
Artist: Zola Jesus

This song has something of Thriller about it. This is after the Tipping Point, when Evie & Lucas are back at Cyrus’s pad.

Title: Wherever I go
Artist: The Album Leaf

Wherever you go you stay with me. For me this track sums up how Evie feels about Lucas being able to just fade at will and leave her. It’s about her longing for him when he’s not there. ‘Wherever I go, your shadow follows me. I don’t want to see you leave.’

Title: Songs without words, book 4, opus 53
Artist: Mendelssohn

I classical piece of music. I can hear this playing when Evie’s lying alone at Cyrus’s and he comes in and asks if she wants to go out and start a fight.

Title: Destiny
Artist: Zero 7

Fated and Severed are all about destiny and whether or not we have freewill. This song is about Evie thinking about Lucas and whether destiny is drawing her to him. It’s about the strength they draw from each other and support each other even when they’re apart. Are they each other’s destiny though?

Title: Terrible Love
Artist: The National

Terrible Love evokes this really heavy atmosphere. For me this track is playing when Evie’s in the car with Ash, Vero and Cyrus when just before they slay the Thirsters outside the Bradbury.

Title: Intro
Artist: The XX

This track is playing when Evie’s in the car with Margaret and Cyrus heading back to Riverview. It’s night. There’s this deep sense of foreboding. Everything coming to a head.

Title: Broken Arrow
Artist: The Album Leaf

This song is the background track when Lucas is wandering through the old mission looking at the remnants of his old life.

Title: Senior Living
Artist: Royksopp

Evie & Lucas are in his car heading to LA – and they both now know what has to happen. Do they keep running away from fate?

Title: To be lonely
Artist: Joan as Policewoman

This song is the song playing in the car when Lucas and Evie are heading to Flic’s after they’ve both discovered what the prophecy means. There’s such a melancholy feel to this track. It’s perfect for evoking the mood each of them is feeling.

Title: Core of nature
Artist: Midlake

Evie and Lucas are walking in silence up the stairs and along the corridor towards Flic’s apartment. Evie’s eyes are on Lucas the whole time as she tries to figure out what she’s going to do next.

Title: I know places
Artist: Lykke Li

One of my favourite scenes in the book. Lucas and Evie get a little ‘intimate’ even as the clock is ticking.

Title: Devil’s in the detail
Artist: The Hoosiers

When you read the book this song’s title will start to make sense. “Failed to see the flaws in the details I adore.” This one is for Lucas…:(

Title: Black Refuge
Artist: Junip

Spoiler alert: Evie returns to Cyrus and the rogue Hunters and they get ready for the final reckoning.

Title: Burden of Tomorrow
Artist: The Tallest Man on Earth

This is kind of a song for Evie… “I will fight this stranger that you should fear, so I won’t be no burden of tomorrow.”


Title: No Obstacles
Artist: Ben Ottewell

I love Ben Ottewell so much and this song had to find its way into the soundtrack. No Obstacles refers to Evie’s mind.

Title: Turn to the Assassin
Artist: Junip

Imagine this track in the background for the final scenes in and around the Bradbury.

Title: Seven Devils
Artist: Florence & The Machine

I’m not going to give anything away with this one. Save to say it comes towards the end.