Hunting Lila soundtrack

I need music to write by. If I didn’t have my spotify subscription I think I would find it almost impossible to write a single word. The playlists I put together as I write become the backdrop to every chapter, every scene. I barely listen to any other playlists or albums when I’m writing that particular book. Here’s the album for Hunting Lila.

Soundtrack on Spotify

Delphic CD cover

Title: This Momentary
Artist: Delphic

The opening scene – Lila’s walking along a street. She gets mugged. It unleashes a chain of events that will change her life.

Title: Worried About
Artist: Lissie

‘For the last four years of my life I’ve thought about you pretty much every fifteen seconds’. It’s Lila. Except for her it’s been 17 years, not 4.

Title: Oxford Comma
Artist: Vampire Weekend

‘Why would you lie about anything at all?’ Indeed. I like it too because it’s a very English sounding song. A reminder that Lila’s half English.

neko case

Title: This Tornado Loves You
Artist: Neko Case

Frustrated, impatient love…she’s flown across an ocean to see him again. And Does Alex even notice her?

Little Boots

Title: Symmetry
Artist: Little Boots

Love me in perfect symmetry, only you can make me feel complete’. It’s all about dreams and fears. About how Alex is the calm to Lila’s storm… And I like dancing to it.

La roux

Title: Cover My Eyes
Artist: La Roux

This song was the one I listened to on repeat for months. It’s this song more than any other which sets the tone of the book for me. It’s obvious where it comes in the book. Can you guess?


Title: I’m In Here
Artist: Sia

This comes at the point when Lila feels completely alone and is at something of a crossroads in her life.

Taylor Swift

Title: Untouchable
Artist: Taylor Swift

I know it’s not cool to like Swifty but this song summed up perfectly Lila’s feelings for Alex. And Taylor did date Jakey G. Respect.

Title: Electric Feel
Artist: MGMT

Wooop wooop. I just like this song because it makes me get up and dance when I should be writing. It’s a little bit of magic wedged between Swifty and Joan.

Joan As Police Woman

Title: To Be Loved
Artist: Joan As Police Woman

Guess when and where this song plays? Bet you can’t.

Four Tet

Title: She Just Likes to Fight
Artist: Four Tet

This is when Lila’s on her way to meet Jack. She’s literally standing on the edge of something.


Title: Acts Of Man
Artist: Midlake

I almost cry every time I hear this track. This is the soundtrack for the final scene.

Title: Endlessly
Artist: Muse

Roll credits. The perfect final track. I can picture Lila in my head as this song plays. She’s looking determined.