Fated soundtrack

The soundtrack to Fated is one of my favourite ever playlists. I can’t listen to any track by Lissie or Radiohead without thinking of Evie and Lucas. I want to post the soundtracks to the sequels but I’m worried that if I do it will give away the whole plot for the rest of the series.

Soundtrack on Spotify

Title: Choices
Artist: The Hooziers

One of the themes of the book is choice. This song is playing on the radio as Evie is driving home from the Diner the night she’s met the Brotherhood.

Title: Don’t Let It Pass
Artist: Junip

This track is playing when Evie is sitting in Victor’s boutique reading the book containing all the history of the war with unhumans.

Title: When I’m Alone
Artist: Lissie

When Evie comes back wounded and walks into the kitchen and Lucas is waiting for her. It’s the start of her realizing she has feelings for him.

Title: Santa Clara
Artist: The National

This is playing in the car when Lucas heads back to Riverview after confronting Shula and Caleb at the Mission over Caleb’s rogue behaviour.

Title: Forgetting
Artist: David Gray

Evie is lying on Lucas’s empty bed, thinking of everything she’s just found out and where that leaves her.

Title: Coming Home
Artist: Royksopp

I picture the scene when Evie talks to Tom on the back porch and this song is playing. It’s really melancholy but sweet and leaves you aching.

Title: 9 Crimes
Artist: Damien Rice

Lucas pays a visit to Jocelyn. I think it sums up how Lucas feels at that point  and his conflict over the decision he makes over Evie and the Brotherhood.

Title: Day Too Soon
Artist: Sia

Evie and Lucas share some memories and some chemistry in the orchard. The lyrics are beautiful. ‘I’ve been waiting all my life you’re not a day too soon.’

Title: Manifest Destiny
Artist: Zola Jesus

This is one of my favourite scenes in the book (Victor takes Evie to learn about desire and endurance). Lucas steps out of the shadows.

Title: We Die And See Beauty Reign
Artist: Hawk

Evie comes home in the middle of the night after training in the woods with Victor and drifts to sleep in the bath, Lobo on the floor beside her.

Title: Breathe me
Artist: Sia

My second favourite scene. Lucas finds Evie in the basement. Clothes are abandoned, blood flows, power tools rain down. HOT STUFF,

Title: Shelter
Artist: The XX

After the scene above – this song plays whilst Evie tries to process what’s just happened and Lucas’s reaction.

Title: Reckoning
Artist: Radiohead Remix

Evie confronts Victor about what happened in the Orchard the night before and then goes around to see Jocelyn and discovers the truth (or at least some of it).

Title: Rise
Artist: Kele

I love this song. It always makes me want to start karate chopping someone. This is accompanies the scene where Evie agrees to do what she must.

Title: Paradise Circus
Artist: Massive Attack

Like in Rocky, this is Evie’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – she’s getting ready for her big fight. But putting on a red Valentino number rather than boxing gloves. Obviously…

Title: Too Afraid To Love
Artist: The Black Keys

Evie’s on top. This is the song that plays as Lucas and Evie circle each other in the boutique on the last night. One of them has to die.

Title: Run
Artist: Snow Patrol

This is totally what Lucas is thinking in the final chapter. Just about cracks my heart in two.

Title: Everywhere I go
Artist: Lissie

This track is so perfect for the very ending. It’s what Evie is thinking. Danger will follow me now everywhere I go.