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I get so many emails from people asking about Lila sequels and if the short stories will ever be published in paperback and I no longer have the time to reply to them all. The answer is that one day MAYBE I will write a sequel. Watch this space.

I love getting emails from people who’ve read my books.  You can email me directly by filling in the form below.

If you are a lovely blogger or reviewer and would like to request a copy of any of my books or swag please contact the publisher directly. Thank you! I’m really sorry but I can’t respond in person any more to these requests, don’t take this as rudeness…I’m just too busy writing my next book!

Other contacts

UK lit agent: Amanda Preston at Luigi Bonomi Associates.

UK film agent (for screenwriting): Mady Niel at 42.

US agent (for books to film and screenwriting): Sandra Lucchesi at The Gersh Agency.

US Manager: Matt Rosen at Grandview.