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I get so many emails from people asking about Lila sequels and if the short stories will ever be published in paperback and I no longer have the time to reply to them all. The answer is that one day MAYBE I will write a sequel. Watch this space.

I love getting emails from people who’ve read my books.  You can email me directly by filling in the form below. Or if you have a question you’d like to ask any of the characters from my books (Alex, say) then you can also email them directly using the form below. And if they’re around (and not too busy training to slay demons or running from the Unit) they’ll email you back.

Check my blog for news on those.

Finally, if you are a lovely blogger or reviewer and would like to request a copy of any of my books or swag please contact the publisher directly (Simon & Schuster in the UK, Australia, US and Canada). Thank you! I’m really sorry but I can’t respond in person any more to these requests, don’t take this as rudeness…I’m just too busy writing my next book! (And I don’t have any spare copies to send out personally anyway.)