Can We Live Here?

6th August 2015
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‘Last week, I was sitting in seven layers (two of them thermal) next to a fire, with a blanket wrapped around me. Now, I am sleeping in kickers and a vest under a fan. Let the mosquitos bite me. They can have me … Can we live here? … If I don’t become roadkill in the next few days, I’ll let you know my thoughts.’

In 2009, Sarah and John Alderson quit their full-time jobs in London and headed off, with Alula, their three-year-old daughter, on a global adventure to find a new home. For eight months, they travelled through Australia, the US and Asia – navigating India with a toddler in a tutu, battling black magic curses in Indonesia and encountering bears in North America – asking themselves one defining question: ‘Can We Live Here?’

Inspirational, hilarious and fascinating – this is an unforgettable travel memoir and a unique guide to quitting your job, following your dreams and finding your home in a far–flung paradise.