The Pros & Cons of being a writer

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I recently wrote a post about the pros and cons of being a writer for a website called We Heart Writing.

Here’s a little excerpt

Many people dream of being a writer and seeing their books on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. And believe me, the moment you get the call telling you your book has sold to a big publisher is a life-altering moment. ♥
People glamorize and fantasize about the lives of writers. Personally I like to imagine Hemingway-style excess; empty wine bottles littering the deck, the clack clack of keyboard keys, a view of the French riviera, literary shindigs where the glitterati meet and mingle and get up to all sorts of lovely mischief. And though there are shades of this (empty wine bottles, keyboard keys clacking, mischief) the reality is much less glam.

I’ve published six books with major publishers (a mix of Young Adult and New Adult) over the last four years. My story is fairy-tale like. I quit my job in London, took off on a round-the-world trip with my husband and daughter, decided to try writing a novel to finance it and landed a two-book deal instantly with Simon & Schuster (for Hunting Lila and its sequel). I live on the tropical island of Bali. From outside it’s a dream life. From inside it’s a dream life most of the time. But let’s be clear on a few things.

The pros of being a writer

1. I have the best work environment ever invented
I get to write in bed, wearing my pyjamas, eating chocolate and drinking coffee / wine all day. I wrote Losing Lila on the beach in Goa. I wrote Fated during a road trip to California. I live in BALI.

I don’t have to commute or buy work clothes. I can drink gin & tonics for brunch and people laughingly excuse it as a charming author quirk. I can get out of any social engagement by telling people I have a publishing deadline.

2. I get to travel for ‘research’
For the last eight weeks I’ve been travelling the world – all in the name of research. Being self-employed gives me so much more freedom. No more 20 days vacation a year. No more commute. No more days spent hiding my Facebook page from my boss! Now I AM the boss.


To read the rest (and the cons) click HERE.


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