SEQUELS…(and other things)

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OK, so I’ve been getting so many emails in recent weeks. All of them lovely and all of them asking the question…


So I figured I would post my answer here to save myself from getting RSI. As of now (August 2012) I have not written a third Lila book. However, that is not to say it won’t happen.

On the upside the film of Hunting Lila is in the early stages of development and if that does get made (BIG IF) then I will probably write a third book. But only if I think I can do the story justice!

Another reason I haven’t written a third Lila book yet is because I’ve been busy writing lots of other books.

The sequel to Fated – Severed – will be out in January 2013 as an ebook. The third title in the Fated series – Shadowed – will be out at the end of 2013.

I also have very exciting news about two more thrillers – this time contemporaries – which are scheduled for release with Simon & Schuster in 2013 & 2014. But I can’t talk about them in any more detail just yet. But I’m SUPER excited about them. Be prepared for insanely hot boys, epic action, swoonworthy romance and kick ass girls.

And thank you so much to everyone who emails. They make my day!







13 Responses to “SEQUELS…(and other things)”

  1. Sam S. says:

    A THIRD BOOK! WOOP! And a film? Early stages are still good :D I bet it’s going to be amazing.

    Looking forward to the upcoming books,
    Sam :)

  2. Jena F says:

    As much as I want a third Lila book, I freaken love your writing and I am so excited for all of those new books! The Fated series and the new ones :) <3 yayyy!

  3. Esther Macaulay says:

    OH MY GOODNESS i loved the hunting lila book and when i got the losing lila book i couldn’t put it down i stayed up till 2 am each night to read it and i finished it in two days. you truly are a remarkable writer and i think you defiantly need to write a sequel to the losing lila or my life wouldn’t be the same. i imagine the movie for hunting lila to be sort of like the hunger games but better and if you add another book to the series it would make it even better if that is possible. i love love love the books and hope you decide to continue on in the series! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of love.
    Esther <3

  4. Sarah says:

    This post kinda ruined my plan to ask you for a sequel on Lila’s series hauhaua
    But yay for the possibility for a movie!!

    Well, I’m gonna put it out there but i think we kinda deserve a bonus scene for a certain moment of a certain couple of a certain book.. just saying…!!


  5. Sarah says:

    There is a bonus scene written…we’re just trying to work out the best way to release it!

  6. mada says:

    I’ve just finished Hunting Lila (yesterday) and Losing Lila(today) and I loved them. They were both amazing books. I need more Lila, Alex and Jack. I’m so obsessed.
    Tomorow I’m ordering Fated from Book Depository. Can’t wait to read it.
    I hope there will be another book in the Lila’s series.

  7. Lily says:

    OmG!!! I really want a third book or I’ll just not live with myself! These books are so addictive that it got me a detention in school which I really don’t mind AT ALL! I just discovered these books which I regret but I really wanna hear more about Lila and Alex and so,so. PLEASE OR I’M DEAD. Oh and there’s are bloody movie?!??! I am ashamed

  8. Lily says:

    Thank you for you talent <3 if that makes sense

  9. Kim Walker says:

    I bought Hunting Lila on Saturday 13th of October. I was so glad I found it! It was in the half price part of Waterstone’s and I’d never heard of it. I thought it would last me the two weeks of my october holidays. Well no, I started reading it on the monday and finished it on the tuesday. It had me shrieking with excitement and laughing so much on the 6 hour journey to Edunburgh and back. It’s odd that I can realate to the book, just the feelings Lila has for Alex, I’m sure many girls feel the same way every day. That’s what makes it so brilliant, the was you have put those feelings into context. It makes me want to quote everything. I bought Losing Lila on Wednesday, I’m 2/3 way through it now. It’s a shame I haven’t been able to read it all yet. Please Please Please make a third book, although I don’t know how it ends. It deserves another book. A film, wow! I’m a film addict and last I was reading Hunting Lila the way you described everything so well and in detail made me think it would be an amazing film. Especialy Alex, he will be hard to find. I better get back to the last 100 pages of Losing Lila. Just like to say thank you so much for everything! and I’m sure th people on the bus thought I was crazy but they don’t understand. They have never experienced such a special book like that. THANK YOU!

  10. Sarah says:

    Thank you! Glad you liked HL ;) and yes, fingers crossed for the movie!

  11. Kayla says:

    I love these books!! I’ve spent my whole life not reading, and thanks to hunting Lila and Losing Lila i have fallen in love with reading. PLEASE let there be a third book!!! when i first saw the book i thought of one of my friends who is in love with her brothers best friend. i had such a great time reading it! thank you!!!

  12. Francesca says:

    Ohmygosh! I’m so excited there are sequels to Fated and that you’re writing another two books! Will the second Fated book only be out as an eBook? I really hope the film gets made (damn, why am I too young and British, I could have been Lila…) and that you write a third Lila book. I look forward to your books coming out so much (your books are the new Harry Potter for me – I pre-order, endlessly research to find all blogs and posts, then jump up and down ecstatically when I finally get to read it, before re-reading multiple times) and I love everything that you post on here, especially the character interviews with Suki and Nate! I love your published books and I’m really looking forward to the next ones! Good luck with everything!

  13. Jorden Clifton says:

    so i am obiously a little behind seeing as i got the book Hunting Lila in august (i think when it first came out) and i only started reading it yesturday but i finished it today :) i just started getting back into reading now that i am on holiday and i must say that would have to be the fastest i have ever read a book in my entier life!! it had such a great story line and all the plot twist’s kept me on my toes, every time i put the book down i couldnt stop thinking about what the Unit was up to and which side was right and of corse if Lila was ever going to end up with Alex <3

    I was then so excited when i finished to find out there was a sequel! i was so happy inside :) tomorrow i am going to the book store to find it and if they dont have it i will buy it online!

    haha i cant wait for a movie because then i can tell all my friends that i have read the books before they even knew about them ;)

    Also i would love to thank you so much for giving me an amazing reason to read because i havent felt so eager to finish a book, and then want to buy another one, in such a long time and i owe it all to you so thanks again!

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