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Posted on 24th April, by Sarah in Competitions, Hunting Lila. 21 Comments.

Very excitingly, Losing Lila’s cover is finally ready to be revealed to the world. What do you think?

I love the strapline: ‘It’s time to stop running and start fighting.’

I wanted it to express how this book is all about the action and Lila coming into her own. And she does. She kicks ASS. Am very excited about its release…just three more months now and counting. Expectations are high for this one and I so want it to deliver for all the fans and bloggers who loved Hunting Lila.

I can confirm that there’s tonnes more steam and some epic action scenes and a few more twists. All the characters from Hunting Lila are back in the sequel and all the questions still to be answered are finally resolved…Is Sara a goodie or a baddie? Is Jack alive? And if he is will he and Alex ever become friends again? Will Alex & Lila be able to make a go of it? Will they rescue the people from the base?

Is it a happy ending? That I can’t tell you. What I can say is, it isn’t a happy ending for everybody. And I can guarantee tears.

And if you need any more incentive to pre-order it NOW from AMAZON or Book Depository, let me add this extra morsel of information…there’s a story from Alex’s point of view in the back. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what Alex was thinking when Lila fell down the stairs and into his arms at the start of Hunting Lila, or ever wanted to know what was going on behind those inscrutable blue eyes of his when he was listening to her talk, then you’ll be able to find out!

I’m also hosting a giveaway on Goodreads and there will be other giveaways organised by Simon & Schuster in the weeks leading up to its release. Watch this space for news on the blog tour, signings and competitions.

Losing Lila

21 Responses to “Losing Lila Cover & Giveaway”

  1. Mandy Rosas says:

    Yay, a giveaway! How come all your covers get to be so pretty? lol
    They’re just so pretty! Can’t wait for more of Alex and Lila :D

  2. Gabriella says:

    Its so pretty!!! I love the cover and the strapline! So exciting!!!

    I just hope its not me going to be crying :(

  3. Michelle A says:

    Well, there you go , learnt what a strapline was.

    tonnes more steam …. check!
    some epic action scenes….. check!
    a few more twists….check!

    Now how am I supposed to wait after reading that in your above posting….steamy…epic…twists….and let’s loop back around to steamy…throw in a motorbike and a Gi Joe lad…I feel like breaking out into song…hehe!!

    Keep on writing my dear…you do it sooo well:D:D



  4. Michelle A says:

    p.s. But we need the Kleenex….oh dear……hehe..not that that is funny, because apparently it won’t be.


  5. Samantha S says:

    The cover looks AMAZING! I need to read this so badly! And a chapter told from Alex’s point of view? A girl would give an arm or a leg to be inside his head!

    Oh damn, a sad ending? I hope nothing happens to Alex. No….is something going to happen to him? Oh no, oh no, oh no! GRRRRR, AUGUST MUST COME NOW.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I like the fact that Lila’s going to be Kickin’ Ass this time and that we get to hear what Alex thinks (his side of the story), if he’s always liked Lila and if he’ll still make a go of it with Lila even if Jack doesn’t agree?
    All these things i’m just dying too know and can’t wait to find out.
    I have a feeling that i’ll be one of the first to buy this book and can’t wait for it to come out! xx

    Oh my goodness, I’m SO excited for Losing Lila! More Lila! MORE ALEX!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what it brings, and LOVE the new cover! I’m overwhelmed from the awesome :D

  8. Sam Hawker says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of the blog tour, how do I become involved/ sign up my blog for it??

  9. Sarah says:

    Thanks for wanting to be involved! Bloggers need to contact S&S directly as I don’t organise the tours. I’m not sure whether S&S have already sorted it out yet.

  10. Shay says:

    I LOVE HUNTING LILA. I cannot wait for Losing Lila, I am DYING waiting. Maybe you can post an extract? x ;)

  11. shiara covenden says:

    Amazing Sarah can’t wait…… You are killing me with all this waitin….ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Luckily August is pretty close, before you know it june will come then july…….YEAH!!!!!! THEN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!! It sounds amazing!

  12. Anso says:

    Your killing me :-D of course I want to read Alex thoughts.. he’s one truly swoon worthy fictional character! Therefore: why is August still sooo far away? feels like forever! also, after looking through your soundtrack for losing lila, i’m a bit (read: totally) freaked out because really? it sounds to me like Lila and Alex will have some problems (hopefully i’m misinterpreting but considering that this is a YA book I’m almost certain that it will be a bumpy ride with lots of heartbreak for not only lila but also me^^)

  13. Sarah says:

    You’ll have to wait and see!

  14. lozzie says:

    such an amazing book

    cant wait to read gaurntee you their will be tears

  15. Putu says:

    Hey Sarah!
    Whereabouts do you live in bali?
    I live in bali also! And please dont stop writing novels!!


  16. Sarah says:

    I live in Ubud.

  17. Eilidh says:

    Garunteed tears? Then I will definitely be crying! I can’t wait to find out everything and read from Alex’s point of view, I LOVE Alex and Lila.
    Can’t wait. :D

  18. maleeha says:

    OMG!!! more lila and alex!! wooooooohooooooooooooooooo yh baby! i cant wait
    *happy dance, happy dance….* cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  19. alvina says:

    I SOOOOO CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME …………………………………
    i just want know whwt goina hppen and if i do not get a COPY i will be in tears

  20. alvina says:

    your shuch a good writer and i one day what to write my own book coz i love reading them espicaily your books i have read hunting lila and fated twice.

  21. Lena says:

    I love all you books!!! Omg they are so good! I love alex too and love that theres a extra part with his perspective!! Though I wish there was more…is there?? Your an amazing writer don’t stop!! xxx

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