Hunting Lila Book Launch!

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Hunting Lila’s birthday was yesterday. In the weeks running up to the launch I had an inkling of what Kate Middleton must have felt like before marrying Royalty. Not that I had to stand in front of the eyes of the world in a white dress and no one was bestowing any title on me but I honestly couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and was in a spiralling panic as the day came nearer. All those people looking at me – which given I used to act – wasn’t something I understood until I realised that publishing a book is a bit like standing naked in front of the world asking them to comment on your flaws.

So I did what any sensible girl would do in such a situation, I bought myself the most killer dress (Vivienne Westwood) which took all the attention off me and put it all on my hips and waist – thank you Vivienne. I also bought five inch heels I could barely walk in. My toes are still numb two days later.

It was an awesome evening which passed in a daze. I can’t remember much other than signing what felt like hundreds of copies of Lila and having a ten year old tell me he loved my use of metaphor and simile in the first chapter :) (I’m not sure I knew what a simile was when I was that age).

Thank you Waterstones for being so supportive of the book and Simon & Schuster for being generally wonderful! Can’t wait to do another one for Losing Lila.

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