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Today in my inbox: The US cover for The Sound PLUS the cover they didn’t end up using with the three models they hired to play Jesse, Ren and Jeremy. And holy mother of HOTNESS (as Megan would say) the guy playing Jesse is supremely yummy he ALMOST lives up to the one in my imagination. Quite a feat. What do you think? Jeremy, Ren & Jesse…
Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 3.00.50 PM
This is the cover they are actually using:
TheSound US COVER small
I also got the cover through for OUT OF CONTROL (out next year) and it’s brilliant! Can’t wait to share.

But even so nothing is quite as hot as the fourth thing in my inbox.. the uncut, copy-edited LILA X-RATED SCENE (over 18s only) that is coming in January. Here’s a little taster to, um, wet your appetites…

” ‘I want to be able to give you one hundred percent of my attention. Right now, with the Unit on our tail, I’m going to be giving you less than fifty percent. I got one eye on the door and one on you, not to mention a gun under the pillow. Not exactly the accessory I imagined.’

I wanted to yell at him that I didn’t care, but my brain was still processing the fact that if this was him giving me less than fifty percent then holy fricking GOD bring on the time when the Unit was not on our tail. Also . . . accessory?”

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