Conspiracy Girl on Sale!

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Conspiracy Girl is just £1.49 for the next month on all e device platforms.

Buy it from AMAZON.UK here.

‘High on emotion, action, romance and danger, Conspiracy Girl grips like a vice… and steals your heart!‘ Lancashire Evening Post

‘I was honestly hooked the moment I started reading’ Slanted Bookshelf

‘Absolutely read it and fall in love with Finn.’ The Overflowing Library

‘Sarah Alderson is undoubtedly the queen of sexy YA thrillers’ So Little Time for Books

Everybody knows about the Cooper Killings.
There was only one survivor – fifteen year-old Nic Preston.

Now eighteen, Nic is trying hard to rebuild her life. But then one night her high-security apartment is broken into. It seems the killers are back to finish the job.

Finn Carter – hacker, rule breaker, player – is the last person Nic ever wants to see again. He’s the reason her mother’s murderers walked free. But as the people hunting her close in, Nic has to accept that her best chance of staying alive is by staying close to Finn.

And the closer they get to the truth, and to each other, the greater the danger becomes.

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    can we get it for free I love it

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