Come Back To Me is just 49p!

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Come Back To Me is just 49p!

Need some steamy, hot romance in your life before 50 Shades comes out? Come Back To Me is just 49p for the next couple of weeks on iTunes so there is literally NO EXCUSE not to rush out and buy it and / or recommend it to all your friends!

BUY HERE from the APPLE iBookstore.


And just in case you still need convincing then here’s a load of praise for it…

‘A captivating, heartfelt and sexy romance about the power of a love that won’t let go.’ Liz Bankes, author of Irresistible

‘A perfect, heartwrenching love story.’ Weaving Pages

‘The sexiest, most romantic book I’ve ever read . . . I couldn’t put it down.’ Becky Wicks, author of Before He Was Famous

‘With the cover and story reminding me of the likes of Nicholas Sparks (which if you are a fan of then you will definitely love this book too), I think the author has done an excellent job with her storytelling, characters, and most importantly, with the powerful, raw emotions that came with those certain characters’

‘I can’t tell you how excited I was to read it, I had high expectations for the story and she utterly smashed them. Just reading the prologue gave me goosebumps and put a knot of fear in my stomach . . . Come Back to Me is intense, passionate, romantic and totally swoon worthy. It made me laugh one minute and sob my heart out the next, broke my heart but helped put it back together again . . . Mila Gray captures the intensity of first relationships, that feeling of being head over heels “I can’t live without you” in love . . . This isn’t just a romance though, it’s also a story about family and friendship, about loss and grief but also about finding hope in the darkest times and realising that no matter how hard it gets life goes on.’

‘A relaxing, easy, entertaining love story between two characters who are figuring out their lives both apart and separate. If you’re in the mood for first loves with a hero who can melt your heart and a heroine enamoured by him this book will definitely work for you,’

‘Wow I absolutely loved it. It’s an intense, sweepingly romantic story with compelling individuals who flourish together . . . I cried whilst reading it on the train. I cried on a packed train, and I didn’t care because I was so entranced. Unmissable’



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