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Book Birthday!

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The Sound is out today in the US.

The lovely publishers sent me a hardback copy. It’s so delicious I almost kicked the husband out of bed so I could snuggle up with it (it smells so good.)

Here’s a little video of me talking about my inspiration for the book (I nannied in Nantucket when I was 17) and reading from a section.

Spread the word! Tell your friends. If you loved the book please take a few seconds to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.



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Check out The Sound Trailer (click the link)

So happy to be able to show you the trailer we’ve been working on for The Sound, to celebrate its release in the US in May. We managed to pull the entire thing together from Bali including finding a cast who not only looked exactly like my characters but who could also act (and how gorgeous are they??? Jesse was even better than the one in my imagination and Ren was just beyond perfect for the role). It was insane how it all came together.

We shot over three days on the beach in Bali, up in the botanical gardens (the night scene in the woods) and at various friends’ houses. I couldn’t believe how long it took to shoot 90 seconds. I could have written a book in that time. But it was so … Read More »

Hot boys in my inbox and other juicy news

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Today in my inbox: The US cover for The Sound PLUS the cover they didn’t end up using with the three models they hired to play Jesse, Ren and Jeremy. And holy mother of HOTNESS (as Megan would say) the guy playing Jesse is supremely yummy he ALMOST lives up to the one in my imagination. Quite a feat. What do you think? Jeremy, Ren & Jesse…

This is the cover they are actually using:

I also got the cover through for OUT OF CONTROL (out next year) and it’s brilliant! Can’t wait to share.

But even so nothing is quite as hot as the fourth thing in my inbox.. the uncut, copy-edited LILA X-RATED SCENE (over 18s only) that is coming in January. Here’s a little taster to, um, wet your appetites…

” ‘I want to be able to give you one hundred … Read More »

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I’m posting some links to the interviews and posts that have come out in the last few days to celebrate the launch of The Sound. Thanks to all the lovely bloggers for hosting me.

1. An interview about my writing space at A Dream of Books

2. How to write a YA Thriller

3. An interview with Jesse & Ren

4. An Author interview

5. A review of The Sound