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The sequel to FATED is released today!

Posted on 29th November, by Sarah in Severed. 8 Comments

SEVERED, the sequel to FATED, is out today!

It’s been a really long time in the coming…so I’m thrilled it’s finally available on Amazon. Grab a copy now.

The third and (probably) final book – SHADOWED – is out in the new year.

SEVERED – Chapter 1

Posted on 29th October, by Sarah in Severed. 8 Comments

In the run up to Severed’s release in a couple of weeks I’m posting some things like the Soundtrack, character quotes (on my FB page) and even this…the first chapter…to wet your appetites.

Chapter 1

The headlights of the car punctured the black blanket sky, illuminating rolling countryside which ceded eventually to the sprawl of suburbs and then finally to the brutal glare of the city. But Evie barely noticed. She didn’t even ask Lucas where they were going. As she clenched and unclenched her hands, which were still sticky with blood, all she could think about was what had happened back in Riverview. And about the dead they’d left behind.

She stared down at her bare feet, which were laced with dirt and mud and the stomach-churning remains of scorched Thirster flesh, and her teeth began chattering so loudly that Lucas reached … Read More »