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Drive, Terminator, Human Trafficking & Ryan Gosling

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I’m at a kids birthday party when a woman I barely know grabs me by the arm and declares: ‘I have an idea that you should write about.’

I glance over her shoulder for the exits, my smile fixing into place, wondering if I should tell her it’s not ideas I’m lacking just hours in the day. ’Human trafficking,’ she announces, ‘you need to write about it.’

I tell her with an apologetic shrug that I write young adult fiction; ‘lots of car chases, hot boys and kissing. That sort of thing.’ Even as I say it, I can feel myself shrinking in her estimation, and, it must be admitted, my own. She’s talking about human trafficking and how it affects over thirty million people worldwide and I’m talking about girls with mind powers and shape-shifting demons.

I left the party with a … Read More »

Book Birthday!

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The Sound is out today in the US.

The lovely publishers sent me a hardback copy. It’s so delicious I almost kicked the husband out of bed so I could snuggle up with it (it smells so good.)

Here’s a little video of me talking about my inspiration for the book (I nannied in Nantucket when I was 17) and reading from a section.

Spread the word! Tell your friends. If you loved the book please take a few seconds to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Advice for aspiring writers

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This is the second post in a series about traditional publishing vs indie publishing and on how to promote your books.

I have three books coming out in the next six weeks: Out of Control, The Sound (in the US) and Come Back To Me (my first new adult novel being published by Pan Macmillan in June). My friend and fellow author Becky Wicks (who I write with under the pen name Lola Salt)  is also publishing her first new adult novel Before He Was Famous, but after writing three books for Harper Collins this time she is going the indie route.

We thought it would be really interesting to document how we are both going about promoting our books and the differences between the traditional publishing and indie routes.

The first post can be read over on Becky’s … Read More »


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Check out The Sound Trailer (click the link)

So happy to be able to show you the trailer we’ve been working on for The Sound, to celebrate its release in the US in May. We managed to pull the entire thing together from Bali including finding a cast who not only looked exactly like my characters but who could also act (and how gorgeous are they??? Jesse was even better than the one in my imagination and Ren was just beyond perfect for the role). It was insane how it all came together.

We shot over three days on the beach in Bali, up in the botanical gardens (the night scene in the woods) and at various friends’ houses. I couldn’t believe how long it took to shoot 90 seconds. I could have written a book in that time. But it was so … Read More »

The Lila Collection is out now!

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Very excitingly Simon & Schuster have issued an ebook bind up of both Hunting Lila & Losing Lila with an extra steamy hitherto unpublished chapter.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Alex is like behind the bedroom door and just how hot things get between these two then here’s your chance.

Although it’s only available as part of the ebook bind up I’m talking to Simon & Schuster to see if they can issue it as a separate story available for download. Will keep you posted.

For the moment though the book is available via Amazon.