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Embrassing video footage

Posted on 4th March, by Sarah in Fated. No Comments

Of me talking about Fated and my favourite characters and scenes.

This was my first ever video and it originally appeared at Book Probe Reviews. It might very well be my last. We’ll see.

As you can see, Alula (my daughter) did a much better 10 second job of selling the book. I think her video got a thousand times more hits than mine.

Character Inteviews & Deleted Scenes

Posted on 12th February, by Sarah in Fated, General, Hunting Lila. 3 Comments

One of my favourite things to do is interviews for blogs. It was an honour to be part of the Valentine’s month event run by Eleusinian Mysteries and Read Me Bookmark Me Love me.

The tour included two deleted scenes from Hunting Lila and two interviews; one with Alex & Lila and the other with Evie & Lucas

The first deleted scene comes from the first draft of Hunting Lila. Originally Lila wrote a letter to Alex which she planned to give to him on his birthday and have him open when she had gone back to London. It never made it to the final edit.

The second deleted scene was from a bunch of chapters that got edited out and reworked into the book now known as Hunting Lila. In that … Read More »

FATED Blog Tour

Posted on 29th January, by Sarah in Competitions, Fated, General. 3 Comments

I’m in the midst of the FATED blog tour which has been so fun.

Here are some of the links in case you’ve missed them. Today Simon & Schuster are giving away 5 copies of FATED & HUNTING LILA. Click here to enter

24th January: Words on Paper – First Chapter Hosting
25th January: Novels on the Run – If you could control your Fate themed interview
26th January: Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf – Video review
27th January: Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic – Fated Top Trumps and Fated Cast Battle Off
28th January: She Known as Jess – Grazia-esque magazine interview with the Fated cast
29th January: Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me Giveaway – 5 copies of Lila and Fated with posters!
30st January: Book Probe Reviews – Host video message to Aussie fans from Sarah
31st January: Sarah Alderson live facebook chat on Read Me Love Me Share Me
1st … Read More »